2014 digital print/サイズ可変

 『WE ARE THE WOMEN(2013)』は、本来は作者の母親が出演するというアイデアだった。しかし体力的な事情で実現できず、結局作者の自作自演となった。映像ではかなわなかったが、代わりに写真作品として本来のヴィジョンを定着させたのがこの作品で、モデルはもちろん母親が務めている。

In the original idea for “WE ARE THE WOMEN” (2013), Takata’s mother was to perform in the video. However, this couldn’t be realized because the performance proved to be too physically demanding for her. As a substitute, Takata played the role of the goddess figure himself. Although the video didn’t turn out as originally planned, its visual image was realized in this photographic work “TOP OF THE MOTHERS” in which the goddess figure is of course, played by the artist’s mother herself.