Dream Catcher

2018 single channel video with sound, 5min.32sec.

Featuring : Mai Endo

写真1枚目:Alternative Space Coreでの展示風景(撮影:浅野堅一)

王子様を待ちわびた塔の上のラプンツェルが「Someday my Prince will come」を歌っている。その髪の毛は非常に長く塔の外にどこまでも伸びている。彼女はまだ見ぬ王子を釣り上げるため、ぐるぐると回転して髪の毛を巻き取り始める。しかし回転運動に身を任せて感情が高ぶるうちに、もはや本来の目的を失った、毛糸玉のような繭のような、痛々しい黒い塊に変身する。

Based on the fairy tale of Rapunzel, this video work consists of a performance scene and a miniature set. the artist Mai Endo plays Rapunzel.
Rapunzel eagerly awaits her prince from her tower top singing “Someday My Prince Will Come”. Her hair is extremely long and can reach far away outside of the tower. She starts to spin and rewind her locks in order to catch her unseen prince. As the spinning movement proceeds, Rapunzel becomes highly emotional. Eventually she loses sight of her initial aspiration and transforms into a mere yarn-ball-like, cocoon-like black mass.
Meanwhile, the world outside of the tower is ruined by Rapunzel’s rampaging hair. The chaos created is as if some apocalyptic natural disaster has taken place.