Afternoon of a Faun

2015-16 single channel video with sound, 5min.27sec.
企画、協力:BONUS、木村覚 音楽:大谷能生


This video work was based on the request by Satoru Kimura (dance critic), to create a video using Nijinsky’s ballet “Afternoon of a Faun” as a motif.
The original ballet depicts alluring nymphs by a lake, and a faun who in his attraction to the dancers, attempts to seduce them.
Takata however, recreated the ballet into a story of the faun’s own narcissism. In Takata’s version, the faun shows no interest in the nymphs and continues to take photos of himself with a selfie stick. On the other hand, the nymphs lift and swing the faun’s body attempting to disturb the complete absorption he has for his own world. In the end, the faun finally wakes up after having been dragged around by the nymphs who have gradually become violent.
The music is an arrangement of an original musical composition by Debussy and played by saxophonist Yoshio Ootani.

 ↓ここに、色々まとめられています。「BONUS 第2回超連結クリエイション「牧神の午後」編」